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How Car Care Businesses Improperly Use Google Posts, And Tips On How To Maximize Each Post

Google Posts is a powerful tool to reach potential customers on their journey to buy services. Learn how to best use them.
Last Updated:
June 4, 2023

Many businesses are using Google Posts incorrectly by treating their Google Business Profile (GBP) as if it were a social media account when, in fact, it is not. The GBP is a platform for new potential customers to visit specifically to make decisions about purchases; therefore, businesses should be focusing on that aspect. We'll be sharing tips to drive clicks, conversions, and sales,  utilizing Google Posts.

The audience on social media seeks entertainment, knowledge, and updates on their friends and favorite brands or influencers. Social media is usually not the platform to strongly promote products. However, the audience of Google Posts is looking to buy, meaning they are in a transactional state of mind. Your Google Posts should focus on promoting your services and special offers.

What Not To Do With Google Posts

Tips/How-To Posts

Potential customers of service providers are not looking for how-to guides on the exact service they are trying to hire you for.

Industry News

Do you believe that individuals who are searching for a ceramic coating installer are interested in the latest industry news? No, the individuals on your GBP are not your customers yet.

Posts Stuffed with Keywords

Using keywords in your Google Posts does not affect your website's ranking so don't stuff every posts with all the keywords you can think of. Writing for potential customers is the most effective approach.


Not many people search for job opportunities by digging through Google Posts. Again, only prospective customers will scroll through your GBP.

How To Use Google Posts for Your Car Care Company

There are two main types of effective posts: those that aim to sell something and those that aim to convince the audience of something.

Here is an example of effective Google Posts:

The Offer / Promotions

Offers/promotions are great GBP Posts as they captivate the interest of consumers on their purchase journey. Anyone comparing your GBP with a competitor will be drawn by an offer that your competitors are not offering. Not a fan of discounts? Offer a free add-on, like a free headlight PPF installation with your premium ceramic coating package.

The Call To Action

No need to get fancy with offers, simply ask your potential customers what you want them to do! Request a Quote, Book an Appointment, ask and you shall receive, seriously!


Google won't always show your best reviews, so why not use your GBP Post to showcase your most raving reviews about your window tinting services? Simply screenshot your best Google Reviews and post them to give them extra visibility.

Authority Boosters

Got an award? An exclusive certification or exclusive dealer license that distinguishes you from your competitors? Anything that increases your authority as a specialist in your industry is a fantastic Google Post that is sure to boost conversions.


Let's all say it together for clarity: Google Posts are not the same as social media posts. When creating Google Posts, focus on either promoting sales through specials, offers, and deals, or persuading customers through reviews, case studies, and information that solidifies your authority and trustworthiness.

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