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How To Create A Google Business Profile For Car Detailing Businesses

Simple and quick guide to set up your Google Business Profile
Last Updated:
June 29, 2023

Setting Up Your Google Business Profile

Creating your GBP is the first step to get your car detailing, ceramic coating, paint protection, or window tint business found on Google. The age of your GBP is a ranking factor and since it takes less than 10 minutes to set up, there is no reason to wait!

Creating Your GBP

Head to and click the "Manage Now" button and add your business name.

Next, select whether you will operate from a shop or as a mobile operator. You can choose both options if you plan on receiving detailing customers and also serving them at their location.

Your primary business category is the #1 ranking factor and needs to be chosen carefully. If your auto detailing business is mostly offering complete details, coatings, and corrections choose Car Detailing Services and stay away from Car Wash as your primary category (we'll add secondary categories afterward). For paint protection film or window tint shops, select Window Tinting Services.

Add your business address, if you selected Store location.

If you selected Service business, choose the areas you want to service. Add all the cities, towns, counties, and neighborhoods you plan on servicing.

Add your company's contact information.

Finally the verification step. Google may ask you to either enter your address to receive a verification card or to submit a video showing your shop and equipment. Regardless of the verification method, complete it. Your business won't appear on Google until it is verified.

As a new and unverified profile, you won't have access to some tools. But within 2 weeks and after your verification all GBP features will be available for you to optimize.

Create your GBP as soon as possible, even if you don't plan on starting servicing customers in the coming months. Older GBP rank better than new ones and starting the aging process today is better than tomorrow as you cannot influence the age of your GBP other than starting it now!

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