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How to Remove Fake Or Negative Google Reviews

One of the most popular questions about GBP is " how can I remove a negative review". In this short guide, I'll show 2 ways to purge negative or fake reviews.
Last Updated:
June 4, 2023

Business owners often wonder how they can remove a negative review from their Google Business Profile. Often, the reviewer isn't even in their system and claims they provided a service that they don't even offer, such as a car wash when they're operating a paint protection film business. Regardless of the reason, they can relax and sit back, as we'll show them two methods they can employ to remove it.

To report a review, you can use either the old or the new method. The old way requires you to click on the three dots next to the review and report it. The new way is to use Google's dedicated form, which is more effective. I will show you how to use this new tool for removing reviews and provide some useful tips on reporting them.

The Old Method

To report a review that you believe breaks Google's rules, click the 3 dots next to it and select a reason from the options given by Google. If the review is unrelated to your business, choose "Off-topic" and Google will remove it if it meets the eligibility criteria. However, even if you report a review that violates the guidelines, it may not always be removed.

The New Method Of Reporting Fake Reviews

Unlike the old method, you can now use Google's new form for reviews that go against their rules.

Here's the link:

  1. Make sure to log in with the appropriate Google account linked to your GBP.
  2. Click the option “Report a new review for removal”. When prompted by Google, choose to report a new review instead of checking the status of a previous one. Then, click the "Continue" button.
  3. Search for the review that you want to report. To report it, scroll through the list and click the "Report" button for the review you want to report. Google will ask what the problem with the review is and provide a list of available options. Select the appropriate option and submit your request.

Keep in mind that following this new process of removing a bad/fake Google review does not guarantee that the review will be removed. But it's worth a try, there's nothing to loos. If you don't want to have to manage your negative review get in touch all our Local SEO campaigns include management of negative reviews.

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