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Creative Ways to Get More Impactful Google Reviews

There's more to reviews than just a 5-Star Rating and loads of them. Learn creative ways to get reviews that boost rankings and conversions.
Last Updated:
June 4, 2023

There is no doubt that reviews have become indispensable for local automotive shops. They help not only with rankings but also conversions. For example, if a potential customer is looking for a ceramic coating installer, the first thing they will do is look at your review score; there is literally nothing else in Google Local Listings to differentiate you except through pictures and your business name.

If your score and review volume are good, then users will start to read some of your reviews. Google auto-populates the first reviews with those that contain the keywords found in the user's search query. Therefore, it is crucial to accumulate a high volume of meaningful reviews for both Google and potential consumers. Read on as we share three ways to achieve this without expensive review automation software.

Using a QR on Business Cards or on the Front Desk

There are countless review generation tools that work great for automating the sending of links to customers. Every business does it, but one trick I don't see much use for is a more brick-and-mortar way of generating reviews with an added SEO benefit.

When your customer is picking up their vehicle and you know they're satisfied after the walk-around ask them if they would be willing to leave a review - many will say yes. Instead of telling them to search for your brand on Google and find the "leave a review" button, direct them to a QR code on a business card or poster at your front desk. This simplifies the process for them as they only need to open their camera app and access the link to your Google Business Profile's "Leave a review" page.

This also helps send important engagement signals to Google because they'll be taking that action while being at your shop's location instead of back home.

How to Generate a QR Code?

It's simple, use this free QR generator tool: https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/

Add A Link to Your Receipt Email

Many add a link to their Thank You email of their booking software after the customer's appointment is over. And this method works fine, no doubt about that. But did you know that one of the emails with the highest open rate is the Receipt email?

If your appointment software allows it, I would also add CTA and review link to your Receipt email on top of the Thank You email. You'll be surprised at how much more volume of reviews you'll generate, especially if your open rate for your Thank You email is low.

Guide Customers On Adding Keywords To Their Reviews

Having keywords for your key services, such as window tinting or paint protection film, in your customers' reviews helps both your rankings and conversions. Google does look at what services you are best known as a specialist for, and potential customers want to see the experiences of previous customers when using the specific services they want to purchase.

When sending an email or text include the keyword of the service they received to guide them to use that keyword in their review instead of writing a generic review.

Here's an example:

Hey Brad, thanks for using our Xpel Paint Protection Film service. Would you like to leave a review about your paint protection film installation?

And that's it! Now you have creative ways to generate reviews that will be more impactful for your conversion rates but also local rankings! If you need to deal with a fake or negative review, we have a guide for that.

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